Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover: Why I Should Never Try New Things

First off, an apology.

Yikes, I am pretty bad at keeping my promises, aren’t I? This first post was a long time coming but I’ve got a load of photos and ideas for posts so hopefully I’ll get them up soon!

* * *

My first ever review is not on something that I use everyday or something I have bought time and time again or even something that I have loved for years.. It’s actually a product I wouldn’t have bothered with if it wasn’t included in a set of products I was excited about*. And that product is the Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover!


I know it’s probably hard for people to get excited over nail polish remover. I mean, I only ever use it

a) When I have to take off the weeks/months old nail polish on my toes (who’s going to see my toes when it’s too cold and rainy to wear sandals?)


b) When my nail polish on my fingers is too stubborn to just flake off/peel off on it’s own.

And if I’m honest, I don’t fancy spending good money on something that’s probably going to dry out my skin and make my mum moan about how much my room stinks of acetone.

My mum (hi Boabswife) hates the smell of nail polish remover so whenever I’m doing my nails she complains about the strong smell. When I quizzed her on her thoughts about the aroma of Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover she said that it is “definitely better than that acetone smell”.

"O yeh that's teh gd stuf"
My thoughts were “How good does this smell?!?! It’s not stinking my room out! It smells just like baby powder, can you believe it? I didn’t know that nail polish remover could smell this GOOD! Would it be dangerous if I just kept sniffing it like this?”

And then I kept asking people to smell my hands.

As for how it actually, you know, removes nail polish? This makes me want to take off my nail polish more often because it’s SO DAMN EASY. It’s gentle. But I didn’t need to use a lot to take off my nail polish. Rather than dowse my nails in remover, I dipped a cotton swab in the bottle and pressed it on the nail, then gently swirled it about to remove the polish. My nails felt lovely, not dry. The skin around my nails didn’t dry out either. A definite win for a nail polish remover, in my opinion.
I think (and this might sound so obvious) it’s probably down to the fact it has no acetone. But then, I’m sure I’ve used other removers that are called “sensitive” and are acetone-free but none that I’ve tried compare to this.
So have I convinced you to give it go? Because while writing this I convinced myself that I would happily buy another bottle. It looked like it would be £6.00 for the 59ml so that is quite steep for remover but it’s such a pleasure to use and it makes taking off nail polish a treat rather than a chore.

But wait…
It’s no longer available on the Butter London website.

*types frantically*

Nor is it available on lookfantastic.


Noooo??! Why can‘t I buy it??

Nordstrom = nope. Random other beauty websites = nadda.

Everything I love leaves me.

"Why u no tak mi money Butter London?"

*You can still buy it in the Backstage Basics set online here.

In what was officially the greatest TKMaxx find in history, I found the set with Dodgy Barnet nail polish in it for £7. That’s half the price of the Nail Foundation itself. And no, I won’t stop bragging about it to everyone I meet.

Your will-try-harder-to-be-more-dutiful beauty blogger,

Mel x


  1. You really like those "cats talking with poorly spelled grammar" pictures, don't you? Great first (proper) post, keep it up!

  2. I really do. What's not to love? :) thanks! :P