Saturday, 5 April 2014

Eh up chuck?!

So this is a bit daunting but bear with me on this folks, I'll get to the product reviews/make up looks/general chat soon but, first things first, let's get to the introduction as all good blogs should have one (or so I'm told anyway).

The Basics.

My name is Melissa (you can call me Mel since I like you), I'm a civil servant in Scotland and I really like make up and beauty blogs so thought it's about time I get on blogger so I can stop badgering my friends, family, work colleagues, and dog with my incessant chat about make up. (Yes, I speak to my dog, who doesn't?)
I think we could get on well, you and me. I'm hoping you might find my blog entertaining and informative and all that palaver.

More to come soon, promise!

Your dutiful beauty blogger,
Mel x


  1. Hi Melissa. looking forward to reading your beauty product reviews.

  2. I think I'm going to have my degree before you do your first post!

  3. Hooray!! You've finally found time to impart some of your infinite knowledge. The butter does smell a million times better than acetone. Can't wait for your next post - hope it's not too long coming.